Resurrected Living: A Healthy Lifestyle

Breathing Life Into A Google Blogger Hosted Blog Resurrected! The blog I started in ’09 sat there half-dead for more than a year and a half. With the excitement of doing bigger and better writing using the new WordPress 3.0, along with maintaining a blog on, Google’s Blogger platform took a back seat. Trying […]

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Customer-Centric Writings on E-Commerce and Referrals

Haven’t written here in a while, so this is a sort-of round-up of articles, blog postings from various places. I’ve been focused on customers and ecommerce lately. With this is mind, I’ve written a few articles and blog postings dealing with the subject. I’ve found that when offline or traditional business owners have difficulty wrapping […]

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Serendipitous Business

What does serendipity have to do with local business, ecommerce, and affiliate management systems? When applied to geographical location, is has pleasant consequences!

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Add FlowPlayer Video To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

There are two ways to add the FlowPlayer video player to your self-hosted WordPress blog. You can use a plugin or you can download the FlowPlayer program and JavaScript then manually insert it. FlowPlayer video is very versatile, but it takes a little work to get it going. There are both free and commercial versions. This post focuses on the free version.

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Commented on “That Bookkeeper”

Evernote seems to make its way onto more and more Top Apps lists. I’ve looked at it more than once and did not see the need for it. Windows Live Writer is one I haven’t given any consideration (I haven’t even been curious about it). Think I’ll give them both a try. I formerly conducted […]

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