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Time and Billing in the Cloud: Reviewing Invoicera

Moving From Desktop to the Cloud Online billing and invoicing is the in-the-cloud counterpart of the same function found in your offline desktop accounting software.  Here’s my personal review of Invoicera, a business productivity software-as-a-service web tool. You’ll want to check this out if: You want a way to make your billing process easier You’ve been […]

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Serendipitous Business

What does serendipity have to do with local business, ecommerce, and affiliate management systems? When applied to geographical location, is has pleasant consequences!

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Add FlowPlayer Video To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

There are two ways to add the FlowPlayer video player to your self-hosted WordPress blog. You can use a plugin or you can download the FlowPlayer program and JavaScript then manually insert it. FlowPlayer video is very versatile, but it takes a little work to get it going. There are both free and commercial versions. This post focuses on the free version.

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Finally Ready: My Personal Top Secret Swipe File (Resources for Local Business Owners)

Culled from years of experience, I finally put all the resources in one place, so when someone asks, “What’s the best *fill in the blank here* to do *fill in the blank here too* — I can say, “Grab a copy of my Personal Swipe File.” So, if you’re a local business owner, with an online presence, and you’d like to cut short the time it takes to research tools, services, desktop software, and web applications . . . this is for you.


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