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Technical Challenges: DirectoryPress, Custom Tabs and Custom Listings

DirectoryPress Challenge: Getting custom fields to show up in custom tabs on Listing Pages in DirectoryPress is a worthwhile endeavor that requires elbow grease and some technical know-how or step-by-step guidance.


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Is Online Project Management On Your Radar?

Project management software for the desktop has traditionally been costly and difficult to master. New SaaS offerings bring the world of project management online. Long on features, it’s also attractive, collaborative, inexpensive, and easy to use.

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Time and Billing in the Cloud: Reviewing Invoicera

Moving From Desktop to the Cloud Online billing and invoicing is the in-the-cloud counterpart of the same function found in your offline desktop accounting software.  Here’s my personal review of Invoicera, a business productivity software-as-a-service web tool. You’ll want to check this out if: You want a way to make your billing process easier You’ve been […]

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Customer-Centric Writings on E-Commerce and Referrals

Haven’t written here in a while, so this is a sort-of round-up of articles, blog postings from various places. I’ve been focused on customers and ecommerce lately. With this is mind, I’ve written a few articles and blog postings dealing with the subject. I’ve found that when offline or traditional business owners have difficulty wrapping […]

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Serendipitous Business

What does serendipity have to do with local business, ecommerce, and affiliate management systems? When applied to geographical location, is has pleasant consequences!

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