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I love the way internet technologies even the playing field for small business! Internet Coach for local business owners, girl geek, software trainer, web dev techie, Linux enthusiast, blogger.


A Poem About Algorithms?

Algorithms, really? Inspiration for this poem, written in 2012, was derived from words, phrases, questions and postulations popping up again and again in association with Google’s quest with algorithms during 2010, 2011, and 2012.


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Technical Challenges: DirectoryPress, Custom Tabs and Custom Listings

DirectoryPress Challenge: Getting custom fields to show up in custom tabs on Listing Pages in DirectoryPress is a worthwhile endeavor that requires elbow grease and some technical know-how or step-by-step guidance.

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Is Online Project Management On Your Radar?

Project management software for the desktop has traditionally been costly and difficult to master. New SaaS offerings bring the world of project management online. Long on features, it’s also attractive, collaborative, inexpensive, and easy to use.

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No Ides of March But Epic Technical Challenges Abound

According to history, the Ides of March in 44 B.C. was the day a group of Roman Senators assassinated Julius Caesar.  Occurring on March 15th, it’s a day that lives on in infamy.  While the fate is Caesar is no laughing matter, I am reminded how close our computers come to mimicking such an infamous […]

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Time and Billing in the Cloud: Reviewing Invoicera

Moving From Desktop to the Cloud Online billing and invoicing is the in-the-cloud counterpart of the same function found in your offline desktop accounting software.  Here’s my personal review of Invoicera, a business productivity software-as-a-service web tool. You’ll want to check this out if: You want a way to make your billing process easier You’ve been […]

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