Is Online Project Management On Your Radar?

Even Smaller Projects Benefit From Using Project Management Software

Online Project Management for Your Local Business

Project management software for the desktop has traditionally been costly and difficult to master.  New SaaS offerings bring the world of project management online.  Long on features, it’s also attractive, collaborative, inexpensive, and easy to use.

SaaS is the cute acronym for software as a service — meaning the software you use from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone is actually residing somewhere on the internet (aka “the cloud“).

Being a local business owner, you’re already using software that doesn’t reside on your computer, especially if you have a website, do online banking, use GMail or Yahoo’s email, or perform any number of other online activities.

Why not add your project management activities to the line-up?

Of course, your in-house project workflow probably doesn’t look like the one depicted above, which was for a U.S. federal government Veteran Affairs IT undertaking.  (When you think about it, any government department should be adept at managing projects!)  No matter what type of business you own, client work — or even internal projects — could likely benefit from the organizational, collaborative, and resource management capabilities project management software brings to your team.

Maybe it has never occurred to you to use any.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have thought about it but lack of information (or even mis-information) has stymied you.

Why Online Project Management?

Let me share this with you: I recently underwent a drawn out process to identify, select, and implement online project management for my clients and my internal processes.  I’ll tell you, it was a lot of extra work!

Two key factors that contributed to my decision to go the online route, instead of going back to a desktop project management software like I used years ago, were (1) my projects have external parties and (2) we need access when not sitting at our desktops.

For a deeper understanding of what’s available, how to weed out the weaknesses, and what to look for in the stronger contenders, I’d encourage you to read my in-depth series about online project management for local and online business owners.

  • The first article in the series is an overview, a helper article that shows you what to look for in a good online project management system.
  • I’m working on the second article, which will offer you some checklists and help make your search and decision-making process less painful.

In the article, you’ll find two useful charts, Non-Negotiable and Nice-To-Have, that point out the myriad features and where they fit in the overall scheme of things.  The second chart shows the features I think are important but not critical to getting the most out of any online project management tool.

I just have to say that I absolutely love
the non-negotiable list! — Piano Lesson Girl

You’ll find that article here:  No Hardhats Allowed – Online Project Management For The Rest of Us (from the CoachNotes Blog on Local Business Coach Online)

I’d appreciate your feedback on the articles in the series (even if you’re not one who likes to make comments). Your comments will help me make the articles better.

3 Resources for Online Project Management

  1. I’m presently using TeamWorkPM (sign up for free 30-day trial).
  2. I also highly recommend 5pm (attractive dashboard and they offer a free trial period).
  3. And I’m testing Project Manager, which has some awesome charts and graphics (you can request their 30-day free trial and they offer a free course on P.M.).

Thanks for reading!  

I’d love to know how you do project management within your organization or local business. Just leave a comment! 🙂

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia. Public Domain.


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