No Ides of March But Epic Technical Challenges Abound

Stupid Computer!!!

According to history, the Ides of March in 44 B.C. was the day a group of Roman Senators assassinated Julius Caesar.  Occurring on March 15th, it’s a day that lives on in infamy.  While the fate is Caesar is no laughing matter, I am reminded how close our computers come to mimicking such an infamous end when they cause all manner of problems.

I’m sure some technical glitch happened on the Ides of March, even if I don’t remember what it was.  What I do remember is that for the last several years, the months of February and March have continuously brought a slew of technical challenges related to my websites, computer hardware, and software.

And because the same kinds of things tend to happen friends, family, and clients, these months keep me busy on the outside, too. Things like:

  1. troubleshooting a WordPress plugin
  2. installing Linux features and controlling another computer via remote access
  3. nixing a nasty Windows virus
  4. digging into website server logs and error logs
  5. switching allegiances between open source Office Suites

For a light-hearted glimpse into what I’ve experienced in late February and early March, read my latest blog post at CoachNotes Blog, 5 Tech Escapades: Caught Between Heaven and Hell!

Photo Credit: Stupid Computer by f1uffster (Jeanie), on Flickr


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