Add FlowPlayer Video To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

FlowPlayer video is an attractive open source video player

It is very versatile, but it takes a little work to get it going.  There are both free and commercial versions.   (The commercial version is still open source.)

This post focuses on the free version.

Get Flowplayer here.

How to add it to your self-hosted blog?

There are two ways to add the FlowPlayer video player to your self-hosted WordPress blog.

  1. You can use a plugin.
  2. You can download the FlowPlayer program and JavaScript then manually insert it.

Get The Plugin

Embed videos (FLV, H.264, and MP4) into posts or pages. Uses modified version of flowplayer (with removed FP logo and copyright notice) — Foliovision

The plugin is very useful is you are intent on using FlowPlayer to show your videos.  It will add your video using a version of Flowplayer that doesn’t add a watermark in full-screen mode and doesn’t have any advertising on the player itself.

The FlowPlayer plugin was created by FolioVision:   FV WordPress Flowplayer

Do It Yourself:  Manually Add FlowPlayer To Your WordPress Blog

You may have an easier time than I did figuring this all out.  It was difficult for me.

Why was it so hard?

Only Heaven knows! Secretly, I think the creative, nerdy minds over there are so smart, they don’t understand that their documentation is far above the heads of even geeky-types. At any rate, FlowPlayer is so beautiful, so filled with desireable features, the last time I attempted getting it to work on my WordPress blog, I was determined I would be triumphant, or else.

Rather than repeat the process, I’ve already created a detailed step-by-step over on the CoachNotes blog.

If you don’t want to use a plugin, but would rather do-it-yourself, follow along with me in How To Add FlowPlayer Video Into WordPress Blog.  You can find some code that worked for me and links to additional resources. It was worth the extra time spent.


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