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Could It Be True? Local Business Owners Afraid of Social Networking?

That’s a scary question! Could it be true that local business owners are afraid of putting themselves — or more to the point — their businesses, out there? No-one can force you to add social media to your marketing mix. In truth, if you stay out of the game, there’s more room for those who […]

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New Audio Playlist of Discussion Segments From Radio Interview

UPDATE RE: Saturday Edition of TaylorThyme on BlogTalkRadio – Local Business 2-0-1-0 An interview with Mr. Rodney McNeil of Greenville, NC I posted about my recent interview with owner, Rodney McNeil, last week. Since then, I cleaned up the audio, created short discussion segments from the full interview, and put it all in a […]

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Local Business Owner Interviewed on Saturday Edition of TaylorThyme Radio Show

Local Business 2-0-1-0 is the Saturday Edition of TaylorThyme on BlogTalkRadio. The 2nd Episode aired April 10, 2010. My guest this week was Mr. Rodney McNeil, a local business owner based in Greenville, North Carolina. We discussed how McNeil has created a web presence for both his local businesses, how he uses video to educate and entertain, and the behind-the-scenes web applications he’s using to power his websites.

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Wednesday Break With TaylorThyme on BlogTalkRadio : Episode 1

Wednesday Break With TaylorThyme on BlogTalkRadio was my first live broadcast in the arena of internet radio. Here’s a synopsis of the process, an outline of the topics of this first broadcast, and some highlights from the discussion.

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