, YouTube Video: Solving A Few Internet TV Mysteries

The Mystery of The Square Black Box on

In preparation for finally creating a broadcast video for, I watched an eight-part video series on how to work with free internet TV service.  Confident (well maybe not confident) that I could at least get a test broadcast completed, I fired up my webcam, set my microphone/headset combo on my head, and got started.

Like I said, not quite confident I knew what I was doing, I proved myself right.  After “Take 3!,” the broadcast was not broadcasting and the big square where a video should have been remained black and blank.  A trip over to the trusty Google search engine turned up Jonathan Blundell’s post, Ustream videos not working? Fixed! Blundell’s troubles reminded me of what I’d done to cause my own.

Turns out last week, when I was running some spyware/malware checks to be sure my system was up to snuff, I disabled most of the Flash options  in both Firefox and Chrome — then forgot to re-enable them.  Ooops!  It took about 2 minutes to reset my Flash options, restart my browser, bring the site back up, and view my broadcast masterpieces.  (No Emmys there but the channel is here.)

Check Your Flash Settings

Did you know that your critical Flash settings are configured through a little dialogue that is (seemingly) only available o the Adobe Flash site?  Whether or not you’re using, if you’re using Flash (and who isn’t?), you might want to take a look at how Flash is set up on your computer.  Configure it over at Adobe.

Where In The World Are RSS Feeds On Your YouTube Channel?

Now here’s another mystery.  I wonder why YouTube doesn’t make it a bit more obvious how to grab your RSS feeds for your YouTube Channel? This time, I wasn’t really trying to include my Channel’s RSS feed in a web page — I just wanted to add the link to the Links Section in this blog.

Thanks to Jake Luddington, who did the  research eons ago and shared his finding in How to Get Your Own YouTube RSS Feed, it only took a few minutes to add the feed link into WordPress.  For your convenience, here’s the link.  Substitute your own YouTube username:

http: //

(Remember to remove the extra spaces.  They were added so nobody clicks the above link by mistake.)

Mysteries Solved!

That solves my mysteries around internet TV and online video.  Internet radio (probably BlogTalkRadio) is also on my list.  We’ll see what crops up next.

Have you had any challenges with broadcasting yourself on, YouTube video or other internet TV venues?

Share your problems and solutions in the comments section.  I’d love to hear from you!

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