My First Lens Ever – Share Your Squidoo Experience

My First Lens Ever is actually my third Squidoo lens.

The idea came about in the middle of the night while I was working on another Squidoo lens.  I found myself wishing I knew someone I could ask a particular question of.  Writing this, I don’t recall the question, but the answer was My First Lens, a repository of experiences from those who had struggled and overcome.

Maybe it wasn’t that deep … but just about everybody says, “I wish I’d know that when I was first …”  They sure could benefit from the lessons learned by others.

This is not an exhaustive site.

It doesn’t need to take the place of the excellent tutorials and how-to lens already in place.  Instead, it’s anecdotal, encouraging, giving a newcoming struggling in the middle of the night quick access to a little counseling.

My First Lens is also a way for old-comers to look back and laugh at ourselves, inform an unsuspecting public, strut our stuff …

We’ll answer some questions. Get a little sentimental. Stand up and be counted. Be brutal when necessary.

So, what’s over at My First Lens Ever?  You can …

  • Take the poll, “The First Lens I Ever Built Was …”
  • Participate in “Happening Now … It’s A Twitter Storm” — Uses the newly created #myfirstlens hashtag to follow along with others who are sharing their funny or sad stories about their very first lens
  • Share your satisfaction: This poll asks about your process for categorizing your first lens.  As for me, I probably changed the category 5 times before I was satisfied!
  • Vote on resources you think would be most helpful to new lensmasters.  If you find any that are utterly useless, vote ’em down!

Share your pet peeve about new lenses.  And provide us with your own brand of insight.

One of the things I’ll share is my struggle with “tags” and how happy I was when that little “health check” feature in the dashboard finally quit telling me that my primary tag didn’t seem to have anything to do with my lens! and gave me its blessing.

Go ahead … lend your voice.

It won’t take long and it will build up a repository about First Lenses that will be priceless.

Thanks for your participation.

Squidoo Lens: My First Lens Ever

If you tweet this immediately, don’t forget to use the hashtag #myfirstlens.

You can use this shortlink if you want:

Help at Squidoo is always just a few clicks away.  I plan to make some how-to videos, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  In the meantime, I came across these Squidoo screencasts from Alan Harris, a follow-along as he builds his first lens.  Neat stuff!

Other Squidoo Lenses


Vernessa Taylor – Computer Geek

Soul Train Video Showcase

Lensography (in the works)

Try Linux (live!)


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