Have You Hugged Your Squidoo (Lens) Today?

It”s not like I hug my Squidoo Lens everyday.  In fact, I created my first one back in 2008 and this is the first time in over a year that I’ve even touched it! Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a part of my overall internet marketing strategy, but who has the time?

To tell you the truth, I forgot all about Squidoo.

Vernessa Taylor - Computer GeekWhile working on a new DVD series for my local business clients, I came back around to the usefulness of Squidoo as another way to share expertise and show authority in a niche.  Although it didn’t seem like I had time to spare, it just didn’t seem right to leave Squidoo out of the mix.  And including it in the mix meant I had to have something to show.

So off I went to get reacquainted with Squidoo lenses.  And you know what?  I discovered some changes in the interface, available modules, and the management dashboard that made working on a lens a much more enjoyable experience.

And it was faster.  I think that was one of the things that made it easy for me to forget about Squidoo over this long period.  It was slow, oh so slow!

My Masterpieces

Having given some attention to my first ever Squidoo Lens, Vernessa Taylor, Computer Geek, I’d be happy for you to stop by and check it out.  In fact, I got a little carried away . . . I went on to create another Squidoo Lens that is evolving into a Tribute for Don Cornelius and Soul Train.

Squidoo is not a social networking site, but it has smooth integration with the most popular services.  I was able to quickly integrate my Twitter stream, RSS news feeds, and BackType.com commenting system. (More about adding your aggregated BackType comments in this article, BackType in Motion on My Funkalicious Squidoo Lens.)

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you a Lensmaster, updating your content on a regular basis?  (Have you hugged your Squidoo lately!)

Have you simply forgotten about Squidoo as a part of your marketing strategy?  You can get some ideas (and view some informative videos) from this article I wrote for SocNetBiz, How Can Squidoo Help With Marketing Your Local Business?

Or do you just want an easy way to create a tutorial, or super-long list of interesting stuff (like this huge list of 275+ Twitter Apps), without building a complete website?

Let me know where you fit in.  Share your comments and questions in the feedback section below.


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  2. Display RSS Feeds on Your WordPress Pages, Posts, or Sidebar | CoachNotes

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